Trout in the classroom is a program sponsored by Trout Unlimited, Triad Foundation, Floating Classroom, and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Classrooms raise brown trout from eggs they receive from the State hatchery in Bath, NY until they are released into local tributaries in the Spring. Trout in the Classroom is not currently offered as part of the curriculum in any grade level, however, many local elementary, middle and high schools have signed up for this unique opportunity. Eggs are raised in a small basket until, when appropriate, small alevin swim out into a 55 gallon tank. Temperature is regulated by a chiller to keep that water at the optimal brown trout temperature. Children feed, take water samples, check equipment, etc, but more importantly students create a relationship with trout and the habitat in which they live. Students make real life connections with nature and their environmental surroundings. Students also learn about water quality, aquatic insects and their meaning for trout to survive. As a partner, Trout Unlimited provides community mentors, who are stewards of our local resources, and help assist in the student process of learning. This all culminates with classrooms releasing their 6 month old trout into a stream that is within their community. To further enhance student learning and incorporating additional academic areas, our class utilized picturing writing for each major life cycle stage.